Property management

Paxton’s portfolio department is a cornerstone of our company. We are your scheme’s statutory and corporate governance’s skilled professional, and we specialise in being the frontline compliance officer of your scheme in terms of legislative changes and customer support.  

Body Corporate Management

Our office is experienced to manage the takeover of a scheme and populate the data of the scheme on our IT platform which will enable the body corporate’s trustees and owners to have a transparent global overview of their data and financial information. We pride ourselves in establishing the Body Corporate’s database and financial management on our interactive platform which will enable the Body Corporate to be compliant with the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, CSOS Act and POPIA and PAIA Act. 

To open and operate a trust account in the name of the Body Corporate to meet the legislative requirements of the Body Corporate. Should such trust account already exist, the Trustees grant the Property Practitioner full access to such trust account. This includes managing any investments of the Body Corporate, as well as the opening of various administrative files. In accordance with our management practice, all financial transactions will be done via our client specific IT platform, which will create a system of financial records. 

• Insurance claims, building policy and fidelity cover management

• Legal advice pertaining to the Sectional Titles Act

• Debt collection and liaison with Attorney of Record re legal debtor management

• Community Scheme Ombud Services (CSOS) annual returns 

• Conduct and Management Rule amendments and submissions

• Data and email management and general queries from members of the scheme

• Draft of documents as per additional mandate from board of trustees

• Database management on IT platform of all statutory documents of scheme

• Appointment of contractors

• Attendance at trustee meetings and management of minutes, notices and meetings

• Scheduling of annual and special general meetings – full service.

• CSOS application and dispute resolution

• Establishment of bodies corporate from establishment meeting – developer loan account management to full body corporate transfer.

• Annual Compliance planning for members