Property management

Paxton’s portfolio department is a cornerstone of our company. We are your scheme’s statutory and corporate governance’s skilled professional, and we specialise in being the frontline compliance officer of your scheme in terms of legislative changes and customer support.  

Street Closures

Paxton specialises in creating and operating Monitored Access Control Schemes (MAC).

These schemes afford residential areas the same level of security and privacy that is enjoyed by Homeowner’s Associations and Body Corporates.

Paxton’s professional team assists and manages the following facets of MAC initiatives:

  • Administrative management and database upkeep.
  • Financial management and income collection and reporting.
  • Corporate Compliance of the MAC to ensure legislative and fiduciary responsibility.
  • Privacy management of the MAC database to ensure that all members of the Street Closure’s privacy is kept.


With a background in both Legal and Accounting professions, the street closures team will be able to assist you with any questions or issues that you may have