Property management

Paxton’s portfolio department is a cornerstone of our company. We are your scheme’s statutory and corporate governance’s skilled professional, and we specialise in being the frontline compliance officer of your scheme in terms of legislative changes and customer support.  

Home Owners Association Management

Management of your Home Owners Association is done in collaboration with Paxton on a sophisticated property management platform, which would form the basis for compliance to legislation and will enable the Association to comprehensively and accurately provide live reporting to your scheme, and to utilise our IT property management system to manage your debtors and approve all creditor payments, in doing so would enhance your reporting management and decision-making processes regarding your scheme. 

Data management and access to information is simplified in that the platform would host all your scheme’s data and would also enable the scheme to publicise statutory documents, such as Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), notices to owners, financial statements, newsletters, minutes of meeting, scheme diagrams and conduct rules. 

In line with POPI and PAIA compliance, the IT platform is externally audited and interactive with end users, providing an audit trail regarding any communication that was circulated, read or transmitted on behalf of the scheme within a ring-fenced data management system. 

The platform complies with the Financial Services Board Accreditation as our system is integrated with Nedbank Business that sets stringent legal requirements for the management and reporting of financial transactions as all transactions are hosted and managed in a Trust account, supported with business reports compliant with international accounting standards. We confirm that every scheme will have a ring-fenced financial platform which can include petty cash transactions, utilities sales, rental recovery and special levy contribution recoveries. 

Your day-to-day management of the Association is simplified with the support of friendly professionals which is a call or a click of a button away to provide accurate reporting on owner queries, creditors, debtor management, actual versus budget reporting, administrative management support and general queries and advice. 

Company secretarial services including:

  • Vetting of proposed directors of the association and CIPC registration
  • Board induction and training
  • Memorandum of Incorporation and conduct rule amendment and registration
  • Insurance claims, building policy and fidelity cover management
  • Legal advice pertaining to association’s governance as per MOI
  • Debt collection and liaison with Attorney of record for legal debtors
  • Community Scheme Ombud Services (CSOS) annual returns
  • Data and email management and general queries from members of the scheme
  • Appointment of contractors
  • Attendance at director meetings and management of minutes
  • Scheduling of annual and special general meetings – full service.
  • CSOS application and dispute resolution
  • Deregistration of Associations
  • Establishment of homeowners’ association from developer to full HOA functionality
  • Database management on IT platform of all statutory documents of scheme
  • Annual Compliance planning for members